iPhone wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. Light brown leather.

$ 129,00

► Fully wraps the iPhone for better protection.
► Solid snap button, which keeps the iPhone wallet case from unfolding.
► Thick leather to absorb hits and shocks
► Specially made iPhone wallet case to fit iPhone 12 Pro Max
► High quality leather made in Italy.

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This iPhone wallet case is as for men and women with ambitions to feel and experience the truly Italian genuine leather. It is made of light brown 100% genuine leather.

Simple, useful and protective, this iPhone wallet case is specially designed to fit and protect iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone wallet case has 4 slots for storing credit cards and one department for storing some cash or notes. One button that secure keeps the wallet closed.

Brussardo made this iPhone wallet cases with a different concept in mind. The iPhone wallet case is different from the other wallet cases on the market. Designing such wallet cases for iPhone, so it can better protect the iPhone. Unlike other wallet cases like “book style” or “folio style” this iPhone wallet case almost wrap the iPhone and keep it well secured. It offers a 360° all side protection for the iPhone. More over we add additional 5mm on the outer edge of the sewage, which guarantees better protection for the edges of the iPhone. The iPhone wallet case is closed securely with a solid snap button, which if dropped keeps the case from casual unfolding.
For the manufacturing of this wallet case we have used building material of natural leather, which is well thick- almost 2 mm. This thickness and the ability of natural leather to absorb hits and shocks makes it a splendid choice for the perfect guard of the iPhone.

We are dedicated to the creation of iPhone wallet cases with flair for style and class, with the concern for achieving only the very finest craft quality from the best vegetable tanned leathers. Find more about us.

This iPhone wallet case is hand-crafted in E.U.


Product Care:
– Beware of products that leave stains, like coffee, wine and similar.
– Washing can be done, but not very recommended. Washing iPhone wallet case: Put a cotton cloth in a warm soap, rinse the cloth and then gently rub the leather. It can be applied on both leather sides. Clean the soap with wet warm cloth.
There are many type of leather conditioners, so you may wish to ask us before you are considering of using some.
Do not apply any bees wax based conditioners on our iPhone wallet case. We recommend using on a year basis small amount of only vegetable based conditioners.


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