iPhone 12 Pro Max Cardholder case.

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Easy to use all in one protective cardholder case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. It has departments, that hold the iPhone, credit cards and some cash.

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This is a bi-fold cardholder case. It is build to hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max and credit cards all in one. Considering the thick leather we use and the usually bigger iPhone 12 Pro Max, it can be quite bulky for some to keep the cardholder case in the front pocket of the jeans. However the overall score based on our sales and the reviews of previous owners show, that most of the users purchasing it, prefer to keep the iPhone well safe as well as the credit cards. Since the cardholder case has two solid snap buttons, thus we as the designer of the cardholder can definitely conclude that this design is one of the most protective for the iPhone and credit cards as well.

This item for previous iPhone models had experienced some snap button failure when used in long term. Due to it we have now improved the design made for iPhone 12 pro Max and made the snap buttons almost indestructible.

The leather we use is also improved. The leather is now semi-vegetable tanned, rather than pure vegetable tanned. The difference comes with product time usage. While the vegetable tanned leather is most cherished leather amongst leather lovers, it has some cons too. Most of our users of that design use it daily, seven days a week. In three to four years period the leather of the cardholder case is becoming too aged and that let us to upgrade and switch to semi-veg tanned leather. Thus you will still experience the naturalness of the leather and quality of the tanning.

The cardholder case has one department for the iPhone, two departments for credit card storage (each department can store multiple credit cards) and one department for cash. It is made from full grain genuine leather, made in Italy. The leather colour is light brown to tan.


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