Brussardo's faithful leather craftsmanship is known since 1996. Since then we manufacture high end leather watch straps & men accessories. In 2009 we started production of wallet cases for iPhone, inspired by our bespoke customer's orders. All our products are manufactured in our own leather factory located in European Union. We examine and keep the standard in manufacturing by ourselves.

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We are given over to using only the finest Italian full grain cow hide leathers. OUR LEATHER IS FREE OF CHEMICALS, ONLY INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE. Our calf leather is sourced from certified ecology maintenance tannery. No any danger chemicals used, only natural products. Those leathers have proved among the years to be the best on its endurance, strength, vitality, wear age and extreme high quality. We are using only vegetable tanned full grain leather that ages richly, not weaker top grain, genuine or bonded leather. You can feel, experience and enjoy the old heavy smell of our high grade leather. And moreover we select only scrach free leather piece from the hide for making our product.

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The source of our leather is from Tuscany, Italy. Our vegetable leather is tanned by Italian tannery, which appears to be one of the best trusted tanneries in Italy- a name known to top quality leather manufacturer as a leading example of quality and tradition in vegetable leather tanning.

vegetable leather


Our leather craftsmanship became loved over the years. All of our products are crafted in our dedicated workshop by hand from devoted and committed leather craftsmen. We are keeping the old style of leather crafting, combined with a fine eye for detail and the best style for class. Our leather working is tremendous with its delicate hand crafting and with the great care for achieving best quality. The close care of each detail and the expertise of the craftsman, lavished upon making each wallet by hand can make you feel an extraordinary owner of a great leather product. 

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Brussardo designed such models that are researched to make them best as for functionality, protection and for appearance, delivered in the most cherished Italian leather, as proof of the quality in our products. The use of our designs when dressing formally or officially can provide subtle touches that tie an outfit together in a great way. Our wallet cases are designed to protect, but also to subtly compliment an outfit.

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If you can appreciate the quality, the beauty, the naturalness and the scent of the leather hide, then we welcome you to use and enjoy our products.