Designer iPhone wallet cases that bring style

Brussardo is manufacturing classy and luxury handmade leather iPhone wallet cases.
Our wallet cases for iPhone are made to better protect the iPhone. Unlike other wallet cases like “book style” or “folio style” our design wrap the iPhone and keeps it well secured. Our designs offer a 360° all side protection of the iPhone. More over we add additional 5mm on the outer edge of the sewage, which guarantees better protection for the edges of the iPhone.
We use only high quality well thick genuine leather(1.7mm- 2 mm). The thickness and the ability of natural leather to absorb hits is a splendid choice for iPhone protection.

iPhone case

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Iphone wallet case

Functional cardholder case

If you are looking for accessories that hold your iPhone, cards, cash, and ID in one place, then you better consider an iPhone cardholder case. You will end up for a wallet that holds and protect your iPhone at the same time. Using our cardholder cases you can travel light without caring around a bulky wallet.

Designing the cases for iPhone, we made them durable, stylish, and geared with sufficient storage space for both cards and cash. Our iPhone cardholder cases are available for all iPhone 12 models and previous generations of Apple iPhone.

 Our spectacular leather colours are light brown (tan), dark brown, dark red, natural and black. All leather colours are high quality 100% genuine full grain leather made in Italy.


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