Brown iPhone X wallet case



We have created this iPhone X wallet for functionality and protection. We are using only Italian vegetable tanned leather, which is proven to be the most valued, cherished and admired types of leather. High-profile wallet, one department for the iPhone, five slots for credit cards storage and one department for money cache. Money and credit cards are wisely separated with a snap button.

The main reason we have crafted this wallet was the need of chic and high-class product that protects and holds your iPhone and in same time also keeps credit cards and money. This stylish design and premium leather will bring you a notable and distinguished look without a doubt.

Brussardo used only selected best Italian vegetable tanned calf skin leather in the production of this wallet case. 
We are talking about skins, tanned trunk and rind, chesnut and mimosa extract, impregnated in wooden barrels, dried up in a natural way. This leather can be recognized by their typical wrinkles and by the capability to do themselves also after years, rubing them with cloth and bee wax.f you can appreciate the quality, the beauty, the naturalness and the scent of leather hide, then we welcome you to use our product.

Wallet dimensions when folded: 162 mm x 100 mm x 18 mm; Leather colour: dark brown 

Top reasons why consider buying it:

  • only natural products, no chemichal used in leather tanning
  • specially designed to fit iPhone X
  • higest quality Italian cow hide leather
  • sophisticated leather that ages naturally
  • fancy and distinguishing design
  • positive reviews and testimonials for our products.
Product Care:
- Beware of products that leave stains, like coffee, wine and similar.
- Washing can be done, but not very recommended. Washing instruction: Put a cotton cloth in a warm soap, rinse the cloth and then gently rub the leather. It can be applied on both leather sides. Clean the soap with wet warm cloth.
There are many type of leather conditioners, so you may wish to ask us before you are considering of using some.
Do not apply any bees wax based conditioners on our leather. We recommend using on a year basis small amount of only vegetable based conditioners.


Additional Information

Color Dark brown
Leather Premium Cow hide- Origin from Italy
Leather Type Full grain vegetable tanned

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    Great stuff again

    Review by albert on January 27, 2018

    I have upgraded to iPhone X and also have choosen again your wallet cases. No compromise in quality, same nice leather. Express delivery came to me for 2 days. Thank you for 10% discount.

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