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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 61 Reviews

by funda43 on 06/06/2017

Alle wunderbar! Schnelle Lieferung,innerhalb von 6 Tagen geliefert. Top Ledertasche, gute Verarbeitung! Passt auch mit dünner Silikonhülle. Immer wieder gerne! Kann ich nur empfehlen!

by Arvydas on 05/31/2017


by Marie on 05/29/2017

Great gift, a classy one. My husband just love it. Leather is fantastic

by daniel on 05/11/2017

Well made product. Highly recommended. The leather is great.

by Jack on 03/13/2017

I have upgraded to Samsung Galaxy S8. Very happy with my old brussardo case and definitely I am sticking with you again.

by Silvio on 02/22/2017

Éste es uno de los casos de cuero que amo. Excelente sensación de calidad.

by Anry Bourie on 11/24/2016

This case is not like all standard cases that being sold for so long time. This case is so stylish made that make it look amazing on iPhone. It is very comfortable and easy attachable. The leather is again amazing. Bravo!!!

by dider on 05/17/2016

So great wallet that protects my iPhone 6. My sister have broken her iPhone 6 lcd display touch. Well I jsut received my wallet from brussardo and I have no worries I might broke my iPhone as it is fully protected. Well done guys and awesome leather, smells great. Thank you!!! Received it in 10 days in LA since it has been shipped from Europe.

by Daniel on 04/27/2016

Just got my iPhone wallet and I am delighted with the quality of the product. It is expensive no doubt, but I like the look, but mostly the full grain top of the natural leather. I do not sorry for any cent spent for it. I will came back for another one, if phone upgraded. You have won a devoted customer. Daniel Green!

by Sam on 04/27/2016

Recommended product by a friend using it. I have purchased the light brown version of the three folded wallet for iPhone 6. I was hesitating between this and the dark brown one. The guys at brussardo were astonishing helpful in choosing the right one. Thank you guys. I love your work. The leather is amazing!!! :) Picked expedited delivery- was with me at my home in Arizona in 2 days. So fast as you can imagine it came from Europe.

by David on 04/27/2016

Leather is 100 % to the end high quality. Well it has been with me about one month and I can say the leather turned its own look. Got darker, receive compliments all the time. You definitely will not get this type of leather from retails. Highly recommend!!!

by Dan Mihael on 01/26/2016

I write feedbacks rarely, but now just wished to say thanks. It has been almost an year since I am using this product. I am so happy of what leather turned into. It aged beautiful. The wallet case has that look of a fancy costly product, a product that you love and cherish. I am using it often with my iPhone, not all the time for sure, but it gives me the sophistication to feel the real size of the iPhone while using it and same time to be protected while not in use. Very useful, when going out, I do not usually carry a wallet as well. The design gives me compliments all the time and at the beginning I haven't said a word where I got it from, because believe it or not I just wished nobody of my close friends and colleаgues to get the possession of same :)

by Antrea on 12/11/2015

So practical and beautiful!! A must product for every man

by David on 10/24/2015

I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and leather, the attention to detail is second to none and i am very pleased with my purchase from Brussardo and it was well worth the wait. The smell and feel is great! This is certainly what I was after and suits my needs perfectly so if you choose the same as me or a different one from their range to suit your needs i would certainly recommend these cases to anyone! especially those people who crave for the extra luxury and look to protect their prized possessions! And as i am very fussy and highly critical that is a great accolade! Once posted my case arrived in 5 days which i found very acceptable considering it came from Bulgaria to the UK. To finish off, if you are looking at these cases you know that you are after that "something different" instead of the run of the mill case i can honestly say from my experience you would not regret your purchase which ever case you choose.

by Marisha on 02/28/2015

It's made with the highest attention to detail and quality. I'm giving this as a gift and I'm sure he'll love it. Fantastic leather, deserves higher attention. Just a pity you can not find this types of wallets on retails any more. You can feel the difference of the premium leather like the one used here only once you touch it. Best customer service. Monogramming is nicely placed inside the wallet.

by Natalia on 02/25/2015

I ordered this wallet for my boyfriend. We are both dedicated to good and natural products, which we met here. We very much appreciate good craftsmanship as Brussardo is making. This wallet was thoughtfully designed and executed. He loves it so much, I highly recommend.

by Xavier on 02/16/2015

My iPhone is well protected in a classy wallet.

by Derek on 02/15/2015

Quality craftsmanship and super fast shipment. I love my Brussardo work. The are amazing.

by ketox on 01/23/2015

Ein super Verkäufer, bei mir gab es Probleme mit dem Versandt (deutsche Post machts möglich) aber Brussardo stand die ganze Zeit mit mir in Kontakt. Top Service!

by Sinthia on 01/13/2015

The wallet came in a branded company box, wallet so well made and heavy smell of leather. Thin and comfortable.

by Mary on 01/04/2015

My husband adores it. it became darker and unique leather revealed. Thank you.

by Alberto on 12/14/2014

Brussardo are amazing craftsmen, and this iPhone holder and wallet is proving it. However is too big for my pocket that is why I give it only 3 stars.

by bernard on 12/14/2014

This one is my favorite. So beautiful. Thanks again for everything. I know I will order again, the order came very quickly.

by linda on 12/14/2014

This item is impeccably made, I am extremely happy with my purchase!

by G.C on 12/09/2014

This is by far the best wallet I've ever owned. The quality of the leather is excellent and for the most part the wallet is built exceedingly well. The only issue I've run into is that shortly after receiving my wallet the plastic lining (that holds individual cards in place) fell apart and needed to be removed. This was a minor inconvenience and did not affect the functionality of the wallet in any significant way. I have had my wallet for two years now and it has served me well. It has protected my phone every time I have dropped it. I have received dozens of compliments on it, too. When I get my iPhone 6 I will absolutely be purchasing a Brussardo wallet for that, too.

by Scott on 11/10/2014

So fantastic, beautifully made! The vegetable leather is the most expensive and this one is the best I have touch. I like the noise that leather sound when rubbed. Carry it all day and get tons of compliment. I have heard for Brussardo from a friend, Thank you guys...keep going!

by Falco on 11/10/2014

Amazing! it is a masterpiece!

by MATT on 11/10/2014

Love the item. They were able to customize it for me and I constantly get compliments on my stunning iphone case!

by Anna on 11/10/2014

Danke. Ich bin verblüfft.

by daniel on 11/10/2014

Exactly as shown in the pictures. Quick delivery. Excellent craftsmanship. Extremely happy with the purchase. Fully & highly recommended

by Martina on 10/11/2014

this was a big hit for my husband's birthday! thanks :) He gets compliments all around. The leather smells so good.

by mark on 10/11/2014

i love it! i'll tell about you around here! You guys have the best leather i have ever smell.

by Anna on 10/11/2014

PERFECT PRESENT!! Super fast shipping too. WOW! Got it as a present for my husband and he loves it. Quite unique, extremely well made and the branding was awesome. THANK YOU!

by Gina on 10/11/2014

My husband loves it, so well-made and beautifully designed. Thank You!!!

by nick on 10/11/2014

Great quality and fast shipping on a personalized item. Thanks!

by james on 10/11/2014

Just received my wallet. It's gorgeous. I carry everything in my wallet. cards, receipts, and I never have enough room. I feel so organized. It's my first piece of leather, and I'm sure it will be the first of many.. Amazing quality...

by Maxi Leno on 10/10/2014

Totally satisfied customer. Unique leather, I have received many complements about it. It makes me happy wearing it. For one week using it - and the leather start changes in very beautiful vintage look.

by Lee on 01/17/2014

Too bulky for me. Leather is good.

by Rita on 11/26/2013

I bought this book style case for my boyfriend. It is a splendid product, the craft is just top level. The leather after a week usage become more heavier and have revealed its class. I like the design, it is very functional and easy to use. Great product.

by Sarah -Dennis on 11/09/2013

I'm stoked! Highly Recommended. And the quality is superb! this is type of leather that you no longer see on the shelve and is hard to find it. After one month of usage the leather become so much better and you can feel from faraway is damn expensive leather. This is the best present I have ever made to my husband. HE IS SO happy! Thank you!

by hassayin on 11/09/2013

thanks alot... great quality, perfect design.... pls BB Porsche

by Rene on 11/01/2013

I am so impressed with the high quality workmanship of my new iPhone 5 case. I look forward to purchasing again Thanks!

by Max on 11/01/2013

This leather backprotector looks even better in real life! Really nice leather, easy application and a nice, durable, smooth look. And... brussardo has the best customer service I've experienced so far! Thanks!

by Coolshades76 on 11/01/2013

Very nice design, great quality of leather.Quick shipping.Thanks.

by John on 11/01/2013

Awesome work! Arrived earlier than estimated and does exactly what I wanted it to do.

by ricardo on 11/01/2013

Product is extremely well done in every inch. Perfect fit in any pocket. Flawless! Once in hand, you can feel the high quality of the material and all the whimsy that the manufacturer put into this piece. Indeed, it seems that this wallet can withstand time. Highly recommended!

by Bradley on 08/15/2013

This is the type of leathers that now is missing from the shelves. I can feel the the deep smell of leather. The design is very useful and protective. Gorgeous iPhone case. A+++++

by Stan on 08/15/2013

Waited about two weeks for delivery oversea. Very well quality Italian wallet. Deserves its attention. Superior quality

by Ken on 04/05/2013

Simple and elegant design. Very well crafted. Beautiful leather and quality stitching. Thank you.

by Nita Hronan on 12/31/2012

I love your cases. :)

Brussardo is ranked 4.7 out of 5. Based on 61 user reviews.